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Details air box selection criteria

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Air box by definition is used when flying transport box, it can be aluminum, ABS board or fire board depending on the use of different surfaces. So a good aviation me what features it should have? And how you going to choose? Xinchang Trunk from the following aspects of your doubts:

1, protective:

Waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-fouling ...... high-end luggage and more like Transformers.

2 bars:

Equally important levers and pulleys, levers if traveling out of touch, that"s really enough. Nowadays the big brands trolley mainly aluminum and other lightweight durable materials the main part of the product also has 360 ° rotating handle design.

3, the inner part of the grid:

Whether there is a clear stratification inside luggage, such as wet and dry layers, folding laundry bag, hanging zipper bags, document storage, laptop bags, and other regions, according to the individual needs of the user, select the range of products significantly.

4 Wheels:

Many brand bags with a caster, you can push the pan flat, compared to only two bags unilateral pull-slide, caster relatively more convenient to use. Try to go when you understand the air box, luggage wheel rotation is flexible, and should try to buy the pulley bearing.

5, locks:

Locks in various forms, in addition to fixed locks to ensure the safety of goods within the package. In addition, users buy an external safety locks, optional TSA luggage locks, airport security personnel can use a special tool to open the lock without damaging the lock type.

These points is to choose a good air box bags need to pay attention to only from various parts of the luggage trolley, inner part of the cell, such as air box caster comprehensive consideration to choose a most suitable Aluminum luggage.

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