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Comparison of five kinds of material transport packaging box

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Stream transport packaging, packaging requires strong, light, moisture, seals, non-polluting. Subjected to custody and circulation of goods handling, moving to mention, during transport to ensure the safety of goods. The current common transport wood packaging crates, plywood boxes, plastic sheeting boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes and crates Honeycomb.

A: wood crates

Solid wood box is crafted of solid wood boards nailed crates. Its advantages are: strong and sturdy, anti-puncture ability, simple process, recyclable, is used for many years for industrial products transport packaging, in China"s export packaging widely used.

The disadvantage is that wood crates: one poor sealing. Because it is solid wood panel saw to fight together. Gaps exist between wood, Mifengbuyan, must be applied in order to rain linoleum or plastic bag inside. The second is poor cushioning. Wooden crate, inner and outer sides of the box panels are rigid, not flexible, shock-seismic capacity is poor, you must fill in the Styrofoam or paper, cotton and other commodities cushion to ensure the contents are not damaged.

The biggest problem is the contradiction wooden crates and environmental protection. Consumption of timber wooden crates, while the growth rate of timber also lags far behind the wooden crates of consumption. Ours is a very dense Marina lack of national resources, forest polar cap is only about 13 percent rate, ranking 160 countries around the world in the first 120. In recent years due to deforestation, species not only cut, resulting in the rapid depletion of forest resources, causing serious water and soil erosion, natural disasters continue to increase. In addition, wooden crates in the export of goods transport also encountered difficulties. Since September 17, 1998, the United States, Canada, Britain and the European Union have issued a decree prohibiting country without fumigation, high-temperature heat treatment or preservative-treated wood packaging must not enter the country. This gives China"s export trade has brought a huge impact. Notice required under high temperature heat treatment of wood 100`C temperature steam dryer 3 to 5 days, the wood moisture is less than 8% in order to completely kill a variety of pests, including eggs, including. High cost, difficulty, this country urgently needed to develop new packaging materials.

II. Based panel box

Wood-based panels are wood or other non-timber plants as raw material, after a certain machining material is separated into various units after applying or not applying adhesive glue and other additives made of sheet metal or molded products. Including plywood, wood shavings (scrap) board and fiberboard, and other three categories of products.

Its advantages are: First, second only wood crates, plywood boxes compressive load bearing on the market, the high weight of the goods packaging of choice. Second, the board area is large, structured, simple operation process, thus sealing, waterproof. Third, plywood crates export fumigation, directly out of customs, simple procedures. Fourth, the surface is smooth and easy to print text.

The disadvantage is that layer will be aging, long-term carrying capacity of poor, short lifespan than solid wood. Cost than wood, plastic plates cheap, but better than corrugated, honeycomb paper is high.

In summary, plywood box is the high cost of the package.

Three: plastic plate crates

Plastic plates with plastic crates are made of molded; strength of less than wood panels above the corrugated, easy to clean, reusable, especially for beverages like beer bottles to be recovered for the transport of goods packaging, however, is a kind of plastic chemicals, brittle and difficult regeneration, pollution, began to be more and more restrictions, in the long run is going to be out of the packaging.

Four: corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated board is bonded by a corrugated core and made of tissue paper. Its total number of layers of corrugated cardboard and tissue paper can be divided into single-core corrugated paper (three), double corrugated (five) and more corrugated (seven, nine), the more layers, the board also thicker, The higher the intensity. Corrugated shape can be divided into v-shaped, U-shaped and UV-shaped; by corrugated shape and size, flute corrugated board have A, B, C, E four.

Advantages of corrugated cardboard is light, there is a certain buffer performance, rich resources, cheap, easy to recycle waste treatment, the surface is smooth and easy to print text, trademark.

However, corrugated cardboard boxes also have disadvantages: one is only load is not too heavy goods. According to national standards, corrugated cardboard boxes load should not exceed 55kg, seven corrugated cardboard box truck over 70kg To lined hard board. Corrugated cardboard boxes inside and outside the box board are soft, the greater the box

The softer, so the box size is also limited, typically corrugated cardboard box at 0.5 cubic meters or less, and subjected to 10 -15kg goods is the most appropriate. The second is the ability of anti-puncture are worse than wood, plywood, plastic sheeting. The third is the flexural capacity of corrugated cardboard to different transverse much better than the vertical and horizontal longitudinal flexural strength is 29 times, in the bottom of the corrugated cardboard box stacking easily deformed expansion. Fourth, poor moisture resistance, fear of rain.

Five: Honeycomb box

The honeycomb structure is modeled on the principles of human nature to the construction of a hexagonal honeycomb bee made. Apply it to the cardboard on a paper honeycomb structure made of composite materials - honeycomb core composite panels. Honeycomb core composite panels by two layers of tissue paper or corrugated cardboard or single anti-puncture ability of plywood, the middle layer of hexagonal honeycomb core glued together. Honeycomb box has many outstanding advantages:

1, high strength. Honeycomb core for its unique mechanical structure, with a strong compressive and flexural capacity. Tests to prove: the paper honeycomb made its facade compressive strength is the other side of a 100 times. One gram of honeycomb paper can withstand 800 g of gravity is not deformed, is 20-75.6 times corrugated board.

2, good elasticity, shock resistance. Honeycomb core composite panels because of the characteristics of the inner core of the honeycomb structure, it occurs when the elastic range by external shocks, the resulting strong seismic capacity, in the packaged goods, do not need additional Styrofoam. From the test we can see where the application of honeycomb core composite panels box packaging products, the breakage rate has fallen more than doubled. Soft box board on both sides, it is suitable for shipment within 1kg to 150kg lightweight high-grade precious fragile commodity that can replace corrugated cardboard boxes.

3, for a major. Tested, 10mm thick honeycomb core composite panels bearing 0.5 to 3 tons / square meters, is 2 to 10 times corrugated board, solid wood boards can be replaced. Packaging weights range from between a few kilograms to several thousand kilograms, if it is outside the composite fiberboard, plywood cardboard, or even overweight can carry ten tons of goods. At present the country with this powerful Honeycomb much.

4, light weight. Because of the structural characteristics of Honeycomb, which is the same material 3 a 6% area, solid plate of the same thickness, the weight of the same size Fengwozhiban 2/3 corrugated carton weight, the weight is about the same size of a wooden box / 3.

5, low cost. Because Honeycomb less than corrugated paper, recycled paper honeycomb core available cheap (grass paddle paper), available wheat straw, rice straw as raw materials, resources are very rich, so that honeycomb cardboard boxes cost only the same thickness corrugated cardboard boxes cost 2/3 1/3 wooden crate costs.

6, will not pollute the environment. Honeycomb core composite panels wearing when packing precious commodity, all with honeycomb core and Honeycomb for replacing polystyrene foam underlay, does not produce "white" industrial pollution. Honeycomb core composite panels can be completely recycled material for pulp, if abandoned, completely decompose in nature, is truly green packaging materials.

Honeycomb crates drawback for both sides are pure Honeycomb cardboard box, the box board anti-puncture poor; fear of rain, when the need for storage and transport measures to protect myself.

In summary, the TECO packaging solutions for the packaging proposal is: 50kg or less, the choice of corrugated boxes; 50kg - 150kg goods packaging, you can choose to use Honeycomb packing crates or wood-based panels; 150kg - 2000kg of cargo packaging You can select based panel boxes, high-grade precious commodity selectable fragile packaging (packaging protection provided shock, moisture measure). If you lose far select shipping, you can choose a vacuum packaging services (role is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-embroidered) are widely used in mold equipment package!

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